what is SnapClip?

SnapClip is the easiest way to create fragments of YouTube that you want to share with your friends. We know that videos generate a lot of traffic but when you want to share it in messaging like WhatsApp the video is almost never watched. The truth is that if you share the highlights, whether it's that humorous part, emotional musical fragments, or anything that's shorter and more concise, it will generate content that eliminates the laziness of watching an entire 10-minute video.

Copy and paste the video link or search for a video using text

Paste the link that you want to summarize or search for YouTube videos in the internal search. We also available an autocomplete to suggest trending queries. Tip: change the youtube.com for snapclip.tv in the address bar to access to the SnapClip editor.

Select the fragments of the video using a slider or duration format

Add clips using the plus button and move the slider to select the begin and then end of the video. You can create as many snippets as you want. Remember, the video duration can not get over the original vidoe duration and also avoid the overlay problem. Two easy rules to dominate the app.

Share videos with friends in your social networks and get more audience and engagement

You can play the snippet you want and see the playback progress. Once you create the video or watched it, share with friends or groups using the social networks buttons incorporated for easy sharing.